RoadTested is a website dedicated solely to publishing road tests on all vehicles as an easy reader reference on the vital performance aspects of all cars.
RoadTested physically road tests all vehicles on a common test strip using Racelogic VBox data capturing equipment to ensure the most consistent and repeatable results, upon which we base expert witten opinion and driving impressions, along with professionally photograpy for regular publication on site.
RoadTested offers three basic test types - the quick test comprising basic data and a short impression; feature tests - either a niche-focused full road test with an indepth story and more comprehensive data or a long-term impression of how it is to live with each vehicle. We also offer comparison tests between two or more similar or rival vehicles.

RoadTested also offers basic test data on thousands of cars tested since 2000...
*RoadTested, its staff or contributors do not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions or any effect arising therefrom. Views of correspondents are not necessarily those of the title, editor or publisher. All rights reserved. Copyright exists on all material. Reproduction by any means without permission is prohibited. All pricing data based on prices in South Africa at the time of testing in South African rand.
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